Saturday, July 10, 2010

SuperHab to take his talents to South Beach and Super Fan the Florida Panthers

Even before LeBron James officially announced he was "going to take my talents to South Beach," the Florida Panthers were trying to appeal to fans' excitement about the prospect of James joining the Heat.

The team announced a "Seats Fit For A King" ticket promotion -- a limited offer of lower bowl Panthers season tickets at BankAtlantic Center for $23 a game -- for James' original NBA jersey number -- and upper level ones for $6 a game -- for James' most recent jersey number. The promotion available by calling 954-835-PUCK runs until 5 p.m. Monday.

“Based on the hype surrounding rumors of a new King headed to South Florida, we wanted to remind our fans that we want them to feel like royalty,” Panthers President Michael Yormark said in a statement. “Certainly, it’s an exciting time to be part of the South Florida sports industry and we’d like our fans and our staff to embrace it.” SARA TALALY

Jeof Christnagel
Well it worked. After months of thought, many emails, disses and goalie drama; I have "LeBroned" the Montreal Canadiens and I am now rallying with the Florida Panthers and currently restructuring my fanship code of ethics for the next season.

October will bring new perspective on the game for me and my children. Open practices and special invites from the organization. I am a Florida resident and have had my license reissued twice, this time in Miami*. Seeing the game with clear view will be the reward for me. Montreal has made me strong as I did them as a fan.

Thank you to so many friends, ANNAKIN, NICK, GARY, AMANDA, LOUIE, KEVIN, KEVIN, KEVIN, ROBBIE, MIKEY, OSKY, BILLIE, NICK, CJLO, CJAD, TEAM990, The Franchise, and thousands more in the Twitter Seats I sat at in so many game listening to CJAD and refreshing my phone. Thank you.

SuperHab July 2008 - July 2010

A clip of the Love from The Franchise!

Gary Whittaker said it best via (fb): Day 3 without internet at home. Do you remember when reading day old information in a newspaper was considered "current" news?

my thoughts
Yes for 18 years I watched seasons on Box Score in the Detroit News and the rare game on CBC, the best is when I saw the Montreal Canadiens in London when I was an Airman early 90's.

The best is yet to come and I hope to be in the crowd as a fan for my *NEW home town.

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