Friday, May 7, 2010

The facts:

From here, Moore begins to explore the emotional impact of the plant closings on some of his friends. He interviews an auto worker named Ben Hamper who apparently suffered a nervous breakdown on the assembly line and is currently staying at a mental health facility. From here, to the Beach Boys song "Wouldn't It Be Nice?", we see a montage, created by John Prusak and Jeff Christnagel, of the urban rubble and decay enveloping Flint, interspersed with newspaper headlines about the increasing layoffs, residents moving away, and a news report informing us that the rat population in the city soon outnumbered the human population. He also turns his camera to the middle/upper class residents of the more affluent suburbs such as Grand Blanc, who display rather classist and naïve attitudes when it comes to the economic hardships of the city (at a party they are hosting, Moore takes note when they hire laid off workers to be Human Statues).

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  1. Jeff Christnagel Roger & Me (1989) Animal Trainer and Production Assistant.