Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Don't Tread On Me!

Hello Mr. "Nuclear Ambitions" in Iran,

I hope your day finds you well. For today is February 11 2010 and some 30 years since your revolution. I ask you with Honor and Integrity; DO NOT use the events from 30 years ago to trigger another world situation in which no cause was just for the actions except for racism for Islamic Fundamentalism. But if you must succumb to martyrdom, and a 1000 years of history can not change that, just know this; A Nation of many from many before, we, us, The United States of America will be the ones to clean up your mess, and adopt your orphan children after you ignorantly create insecurity, however and when ever. Intelligence above all will conquer yours or any God. I wish a prayer for you my brother. Don't Tread On Me!

Jeff Christnagel


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